On January the 30th i o u a e selected 15 artists to take part in a new series of week-long online residencies, under the title of inhabit. Stretching from February to May they will span advertising, performance, streaming and video.

Looking at the type of spaces artists utilise, we asked that applicants approach the places they themselves occupy, whether a desktop, studio or workshop and open them up to viewers. 

We believe making is a very physical process and often understanding how we create and what kind of environment we create in helps to gain a deeper understanding of our practices (and is also really interesting). Which is why we asked our artists to think of the spaces they inhabit. Building on their practices we asked that artists considered either a new or an existing body of work in relation to its external influences.

The goal of the residency is to give the selected artists time to explore their methodology and to aid in further future making. The residencies will take place online over a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

The residencies are as follows,

6th Feb Connor Brazier

13th Feb Lewdjaw

20th Feb Eddy Robinson

27th Feb Jennifer Harper

6th March Emily Simpson

13th March Jessica Tayler-Cain

20th March Ellen Welsh

27th March Maria Filippou

3rd April Catherine McLaughlin

10th April Bob Bicknell-Knight

17th April Pippa Eason

24th April James Hutchinson

1st May Bex Massey

8th May Mani Kambo

15th May Zara Worth

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